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The Nature of Risk

The Nature of Risk

“What courage, each year, has the tree

to once again birth her leaves,

her pink cherry blossoms or delicate dogwood petals,

knowing in days, weeks or months,

they will wither and fall to the ground.

So, too, the crocus or tulip,

who struggles through the frozen ground,

regardless the chance of Spring snowfall.

Even if warmed, her flower's glory will be


What freedom to show up, generously share,

sure of one's value to Earth.

Oh, to be like that,

to bloom without fear,

not clinging to longevity,

nor demanding guarantee,

but offer our best without expectation.”

― Patricia Soper



Maybe it's actually more than a vacation...a sound healing session is more like a full system reset, a return to center, a re-membering who you are and what is important to you. Sound Healing quiets the static of our lives and allows us to hear direction better, see our next steps better, and feel courageous about it all.


We hear a lot of people who come to our sessions say they are in some sort of transition in their lives. Change can be really tough on our nervous systems and our lives. Studies show how the major changes in life (getting divorced, a death of a loved one, major illness or injury, moving, loss of a job) cause our bodies and our minds a lot of stress. Sometimes within all that change, especially with abrupt halts or burn-out, it is hard to distinguish where to go from here. What DO we want to do with this one wild and precious life? Plus, change can be downright scary sometimes! Living life takes a lot of courage. Facing fears can be really scary and takes courage too. Most of us have or have had either inner critics (or outer critics) that can make stepping out into the unknown even harder.


Rest assured that this is a shared human experience to feel fear and to resist change. Also keep in mind not to judge yourself if you see someone else doing what you want to do already; what is easy for someone is not always easy for another. We can certainly gain a lot of encouragement however from seeing someone conquer something that is hard for us.


I think about one of my fears / dislikes....driving in Los Angeles! My friend Gloria (and PLENTY of other people) drive in LA with no problem, comfortable with the lanes that are only slightly wider than a car width, at ease with other cars zipping chaotically in and out around you, not batting an eye at the motorcycles that zoom up from out of nowhere right beside you and another car... oh, I'm getting sweaty palms just typing this! I was faced with a circumstance that I was going to have to face that fear and actually drive right through LA, and I thought, well, Gloria can do it! I told her that, and she laughed, saying that there are PLENTY of things that are easy for me that she can't do, and reminded me that what comes naturally to some requires a learning curve for others.


That is why we also NEED each other and why community is so important. We can also learn from each other and ask for help. Sure, learning something new has the uncomfortable learning curve feeling that goes along with it, but isn't it a great feeling when you see yourself doing the thing that was previously out of reach?! I come up against that learning curve feeling a lot around the Inner Wolf. I have even started to LIKE that feeling--feeling the discomfort, the question arising of "can I do this?", pushing through self doubts, courageously trying again even though a part of us wants to run to ask someone to just do it for us. I am growing to like that feeling because as I breathe through the discomfort and try again, I can feel my brain working and learning something new.

I feel courage building in my chest.


What does this risk taking have to do with sound healing? A lot, actually! Sound healing nurtures our nervous systems, provides a place to find comfort from the pressures of life, and gives us a chance to re-frame the critical thoughts that might plague us. Sound healing can also help us quiet the static of life, give us a chance to catch up energetically, and clear and smooth out energy blockages that might be preventing us from moving forward.


If you, or anyone that you know, could use some help hearing direction, quieting the worries and pros & cons, finding courage to share generously the value that you bring to Earth, and blooming without fear, come see us at the Sound Nest and the Inner Wolf Retreat Space. We confront these learning curves daily within ourselves and are passionate about helping others find inspiration amidst life's challenges.

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