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Sound Healing: Medicine for Our Times

I am finding that sound healing is medicine for our times and goes hand in hand with the deep and transformative work many are currently doing. Sound healing with gongs especially helps with brain entrainment to theta state for greater healing, relaxation, and manifesting. I focus especially on helping guests in remembering a new balanced and at ease equilibrium that many of us have forgotten in our high paced, fight or flight world nowadays. In my studies, we also all have a biofield where the energetics of traumas are stored. Sound waves help to comb this field and smooth out the “speed bumps” I call it of energy stuck there and bring it back to the body for reintegration and recirculation. I am seeing great results with guests and seeing them reach amazing depths of relaxation, soothing anxiety, and self realizations.

One lady experienced a trigger to her night terrors in the sound session by a particular sound, recognized the feeling in her body, and then the next sound helped to dissolve the feeling, leaving her with an elevated view of what her anxiety has been trying to tell her all along—that she is worthy of being protected. I have hope that her night terrors do not plague her the same way anymore.

I was also fortunate to share sound healing with a retreat for young cancer survivors. It was powerful to witness the healing of trauma from their journeys with cancer and transcending cancer. One was able to feel gratitude for life again. One experienced a healing and clearing of stored trauma from a particularly tough chemo round. One felt a release of the pain stored in her body. I pray this sound healing experience was a reset and a restoration of peace for each participant.

I have two locations, one in Alexander and one near Wolf Laurel / Mars Hill. They are similar but also different. The Alexander location I call the Sound Nest. Here, I do sound work with smaller groups, couples, families, or individuals and have more of a therapeutic, personalized tailoring to the sessions, which is complimented by the specific set of instruments I keep here.

My second location is a lifelong dream of mine coming into reality—a sound healing retreat space on gorgeous, peaceful land with a creek, ponds, forest, and a barn that I’ve renovated into a serene event center and sound healing space. Here at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space, we have Saturday evening sound sessions and I collaborate with my partner in sound, as well as other practitioners.

I come to sound healing from my background studying music my whole life, from 22 years doing massage therapy, and practicing yoga and meditation for the past 12 years. I also love studying the brain, traumas, and generally trying to do what I can to help ease pain and suffering and support others on their life journey.

I hope to see you again soon and share more sound healing with you as life support on this shared human experience!

Much love to you,


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