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Come and Feel the Peacefulness of the Inner Wolf Retreat Space...

Sound On to hear what our gongs sound like!

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About Us

We are business partners Dawn Sagonias and David Heiss. We've each been working with sound healing since 2015, and we met at Gong Camp in 2019 and realized we have the same dream of a sound healing retreat space. This lifelong dream is now coming to reality. We invite you to join us in our dream of sound healing that helps reset the nervous system, further your spiritual development, and realize your highest expression. This is medicine for our times.

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Sound Healing Retreats

Why come to a sound healing retreat?

Even just one hour of sound healing can provide profound clarity and a reset for your body, brain, and nervous system. You feel renewed, clear, centered, and whole within yourself. Imagine not having to "Gong and Drive" after your session, and instead you can wander, reflect, rest and integrate your experience, or even take a nap!

Imagine coming to a peaceful property filled with the sound of a rushing creek, flowing lakes, bird songs, 7 species of frog calls, and the light of fireflies. You receive nourishment through high vibration meals, cozy lodging close to nature with the comforts you need to feel at ease yet able to disconnect from society and get back to center. You find enrichment with a sound healing daily over the 3 days, an additional tuning fork session to bring balance, cacao & fire ceremonies, heart-touching circles of manifesting that open you to a greater sense of connection to the spirit within you.

You receive all this and more for only $495. Take time and invest in your own well-being and join us!


We also offer reasonable rates for you to host your own retreat here at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space.


We have a communal kitchen so if you stay overnight, you'll have access to a kitchen with oven, sink, fridge and freezer, in addition to the microwave, hot water kettle, and keurig that are in all the rooms. The kitchen also opens up ease for warming, preparing, and cooking food for your hosting your own retreat too. Alternatively, we can also provide food for your retreat to take that time and responsibility off your plate while you are transforming lives.

Lodging and What to Expect

We have 3 simple and comfortable rooms that encourage getting back to center. There are 3 beds to a room, shared retreat style, unless you book with a partner and can be 2 to a room, depending on the number of people signed up. There is usually great synchronicity at our events and new friendships are formed. In warmer weather, we do have several tents and gear that we can set up for you to enjoy space by the creek.


There is no 5G, no TVs, we do have cell service and WiFi if needed. Escape to the charm of rustic accommodations, where simplicity meets  serenity. Nestled in nature, our cozy retreat offers a genuine escape  from the hustle, inviting you to unwind in the embrace of natural beauty. Embrace the allure of simplicity, with thoughtfully designed spaces that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.  Experience a retreat where rustic charm meets modern comfort, creating a unique haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.


We are also working to get a septic system installed for the overnight rooms and we have learned we have a really high water table on this land, making the septic situation more costly and complicated.....until that solution is reached, we have 2 very clean options to meet needs comfortably--an indoor Nature's Head Composting Toilet and a CLEAN AND SERVICED WEEKLY portaloo shared only by your new friends at the retreat. The indoor composting toilet is located in the shared shower room and the portaloo is only a few steps from the rooms. All 3 rooms have an overnight chamber pot for ease at night if needed.

We do have a spa-worthy, luxurious, shared shower room indoors with very hot water and overhead rainhead with handheld if desired, and a summer outdoor shower.

Each overnight room has its own small fridge, hot water kettle, microwave, mini split heater / a/c / dehumidifier, fan, and small keurig. We are at 3400 ft. elevation and the evenings even in the heat of summer are cool & make for very comfortable sleeping.

These are our precious rooms in pictures below, and our very precious and prized portaloo that allows us to be able to host you comfortably. :) (Note: we do also have overnight chamber pots and the composting toilet as well).


Details of a sound healing retreat on a flyer

Transforming daily, we invite you to soak in the peacefulness of this gorgeous property.

Arriving in Wolf Laurel at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space, you have found a peaceful, welcoming land where time slows down from life's usual whirring, where you feel worlds away from worries yet only 35 minutes north of Asheville, NC or 40 minutes south of Johnson City, TN.

This space is for you. This space is for you to get back to center, to find ease, to remember who you are, to move gracefully into your inner purpose and highest expression.

Post Rain
The retreat property with a flowing pond and the river

Come join us at our sanctuary and get back to center, immerse in nature, and enjoy clarity from the sound of the creek running through the property as well as the sound healing vibrations.

Our retreat space centers on sound healing, connection with each other, and the healing properties of nature.  We love to collaborate with other practitioners and together we expand the healing and transformative depths available to you. 


Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event, workshop, or pairing sound healing with your offering, or hosting your retreat here on our healing land.  We look forward to seeing you at the Inner Wolf Retreat Space soon!

Jane, May 2023

I’ve just attended May sound healing retreat at the Inner Wolf. What an amazing two and a half days it was! I've experienced sound bathing at the Sound Nest before but being able to live it 3 days in a row deepened my relaxation and connection with my inner self. David and Dawn have such a genuine and welcoming energies that elevated my overall retreat experience and my stay to a different level. Besides being very spiritual and talented musicians and healers, Dawn is a great cook that nourished all attendees with healthy homemade dishes and David enhanced our weekend’s journey with astrological reading and insights. And of course the nature itself around Inner Wolf grounds was an added bonus to the magical weekend retreat. I am planning on coming back with more friends as I want everybody I know to discover this place for themselves."

Dylann, July 2023

"Dawn and David crafted and executed a beautiful weekend retreat for all people at all stages of their spiritual journey. They have a special way of creating a community and making everyone who comes into their space feel as safe and valued as possible. The food, the company, the accommodations, everything was very thoughtfully planned and maintained. I left my weekend feeling excited and supported for the future and how I can adopt some of these new practices into my life. I’m so grateful for this weekend and for both Dawn and David as people."

Allie, Feb 2023

"Self Love Retreat :
I returned for this weekend retreat (Friday-Sunday) curated by Dawn. In addition to three blissful gong sessions, we enjoyed Reiki, manifestation and prayer circle, a heart-opening cacao ceremony, and cozy times by the wood fired stove (February). The meals were delicious! Dawn had thoughtfully prepared special touches and surprises. It was relaxing and heartwarming! It took a week or maybe even to process. The effects were profound."
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