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Reviews and Testimonials

"Dawn's sound healing experience is unforgettable and life-changing.


I am usually skeptical of alternative ways to tackle common life issues, but I decided to attend one of her sessions and it forever changed my life and perspective on sound healing. Her sessions helped me in the most challenging times I have faced in my life, as I dealt with a very difficult emotional journey and major life changes. 


The only thing that would stop my brain was being present in her sessions and I always felt renewed with a sense of how my mind was able to tackle whatever came next.


I highly recommend her sound healing. She is a talented and gifted healer, and her sessions will transform you ability to deal with life, or simply prepare your body and mind to stay balanced through daily life."

Jacqueline P.

"The power of sound to heal, to help unbind life force constricted by trauma, to provide moments of sanctuary and time to catch our breath, comes as much or more from the player as from the instrument. Dawn Sagonias is highly attuned to the power of the penetrating singing bowls and chakra shaking gongs. And her deeply rooted presence of love, peace, kindness, honesty and authenticity is transmitted within those waves and cascades of sound.

She is the real thing."

Robert Woo Du-An

"Dawn was amazing! We are college students and she made us relax so much! We went here as a surprise as part of my boyfriends 21st birthday trip to Asheville and he loved it, the only thing he complained about was my snoring because I was so relaxed! Highly recommend and I’ll be telling my friends to make the trip out and meet with Dawn."


"My experience with Dawn was absolutely lovely. She offered tea and conversation before the session so that she could get to know me and what was going on in my life so that the session could be designed to meet my needs. The entry entry and conversation area were very nice, but the sound healing room itself was fantastic! It was a wonderful experience as I laid on my cozy warm amethyst heating pad. The session itself was exactly what I needed. Calming, releasing, and uplifting. Perfect!"


"My children and I booked a private sound healing session and it was fantastic! Dawn greeted us with tea and a chat to tailor the sound to our needs. She was so gentle and kind with all of us , but especially my youngest one - keeping her engaged and attended to when little kid challenges arose.

I’ve attended several sound healing sessions and Dawn is a special practitioner. I felt a huge response in my nerves and fell into theta state very easily.

Afterwards we enjoyed more tea and both kids begged for her handmade candles embedded with healing crystals - great souvenirs for the experience.

I highly recommend a sound bath with Dawn and cannot wait to go back myself! Thank you, Dawn!"


"My friend and I included the sound healing with Dawn as part of our girls retreat. It didn’t disappoint! Dawn’s studio contains a surprising array of large gongs, singing bowls and more. Dawn asked us beforehand if there was anything special we wanted healing on and she tailored our healing to that. We even got to lie on the amethyst healing mat during our event. Loved the experience! Will definitely go back."


"Dawn made this such an enjoyable experience. We left feeling so relaxed and all the sound instruments were incredible."


"A sound bath has many healing qualities. It's a meditation that takes you to a deep level of relaxation and well-being. All the different instruments that Dawn uses, from the crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, shakers, and harps are just so soothing. They clear my mind and open me up to the healing vibrations of harmony. I highly recommend Dawn's sound healing!"

Terrye F.

"This was first time doing sound healing in this capacity (I normally do binaural beats from YouTube) However this in person healing was unbeatable!

I enjoyed This aspect because I was able to share my intentions and the sounds were personalized to my needs. During the experience I was able to experience thoughts of clarity; feel the vibrations in my body from the healing tones Dawn played and leave feeling light, clear & free from the thoughts/emotions that were weighing me down prior to my arrival!

I definitely would encourage all to try this wellness experience out…you certainly won’t be disappointed. You will enjoy Dawn as your guide. She has a true heart & passion for this type of healing work. She will definitely assist you on your journey of becoming your greater & higher self."


"Wow. Where do I even begin? I came to a session with Dawn with my husband and this has to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. The room is gorgeous and Dawn is so talented at what she does. My husband & I were both so emotional and connected afterwards. Dawn was also super understanding and kind when we had a car issue and needed to come later. I wish I lived here so that I could do this every single week!"


"This was quite a surprise. I’ve never been more relaxed and had better mental clarity in my entire life. Dawn is an absolute gem. She’s an angel AND she’s masterful with those gongs and various instruments. Highly recommend!"


"That is the kind of experience that should be available in every hospital in the world. It allows you to reconnect with your self, let go of all the noisy thoughts and create a space of serenity and peacefulness. We had a magical moment with Dawn in the sound nest and it was worth all the money and the time driving. Will certainly come again on our next visit in the region. Wonderful!"


"Highly recommend this experience! Dawn is an amazing human! This will leave you feeling relaxed and enlightened."


"We had a such a peaceful time. Dawn is super sweet and personable!"


"This was my first experience doing sound meditation and Dawn was very understanding and made us feel very comfortable. My daughter and I enjoyed the whole experience including the tea before meditation. We will be back soon."


"This was a wonderful experience. Dawn has created a beautiful space in the Sound Nest, the peaceful ness you feel when you enter is so relaxing. I would recommend this experience to anyone visiting Asheville."


"Go!! Why are you here reading a billion reviews about how amazing this experience is/was vs just booking it. Dawn was amazing treat to the perfect ending of my bday retreat this cleanse gave me the clarity I needed to level out and just breathe. I will absolutely be back!!!"


"This was such a wonderful experience. Dawn was so welcoming and created such a cozy and inviting space. The beautiful sounds she created allowed me to really relax and get out of my head in a way I hadn’t been able to for quite some time. We loved it and would definitely recommend."


"It is worth the drive. Dawn gets to know you and really wants to tailor the session to your needs. Let her know what your intention or healing needs are so she can help."


"Dawn was amazing! We felt new and happy after our session."


"Dawn is incredible! You immediately feel welcomed into her space. I had such a great time I booked another session!"


"Very good experience and very unique. Dawn is very knowledgeable about what she does."


"We really enjoyed our experience. Dawn was so skilled, the her music was beautiful and we felt very cared for!"


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