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Sound Healing at the Sound Nest

Located in Alexander, just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC

Sound healing room with instruments including gongs, crystal singing bowls, harmonium and more, and comfortable cushions to lay on in a tranquil space
Dawn standing playing large gongs
happiness and joy

Relax & renew with gentle sound healing with gongs, singing bowls, and other soothing sounds to calm your nervous system and clear energy.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or have trouble sleeping? Would you like instead to relax, be supported, and experience soothing meditative sounds?

Arrive at the Sound Nest and leave the outside world behind beginning with a cup of soothing tea. Slip off your shoes and enter a comforting and nurturing room filled with special instruments to soothe your cares and nervous system. Dawn walks an intimate, small group or private group of participants through what to expect of a sound healing journey in a tranquil and reassuring way, so don't worry if you have not experienced one before! This bespoke sound healing journey can be tailored to support your life experience. Grounding gongs, timeless & soaring singing bowls, refreshing chimes, a relaxing ocean drum, amongst other instruments help us to re-imagine life and bring fresh air to the intensity that life naturally brings. For scale, Dawn plays gongs ranging from 20" to 38" and the room has been treated acoustically to luxuriate in the sound waves.

Why sound healing? Most of us are stuck in fight or flight these days and have trouble quieting the mind, soothing anxieties, and calming the body. These instruments and the way Dawn plays them allows the mind to relax so your body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system & rest, digest, and heal yourself.

Dawn welcomes individuals or groups up to 8 with space to lay down, more are welcome if seated upright. Private group or individual sessions are happily arranged in addition to the time shown here, please contact Dawn. We can also do sessions instructing how to play the instruments if booked specifically for that goal.


If you feel stuck or weighed down by an intense life experience, Dawn also works individually or with a small group to focus on an intention for the session. She has curated a method to lift and transmute emotions, experiences, and beliefs using the instruments and energetics. Participants report dramatic effects and say over many approaches they have tried, sound healing with Dawn helps the most.  Dawn utilizes her sense as an empath, has worked weekly with grief counseling groups, and acts as a conduit bringing new perspective with your highest good in mind.

I have the group and individual sessions listed here on my services and calendar or reach out please for additional times. I would be delighted to support you on your life journey!


Please contact Dawn via the chat with your email or phone number for availability or sessions not listed here.

​If you'd like to read reviews of what others say, you can be magically transported over to my Reviews page.

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