Blowing Out the Barn

(Hear me read this entry here: )

Today y’all are going to see my tenacity…

This is a beautiful barn, well built, made of wide slabs of wood, plenty of nails (that will be its own blog entry…), plenty of outlets, and a whole lot of blessing.

This property was also built by the man we bought it from as a monument to the past. To the lives of children lost too soon, and to eras and by-gones long since turned to antiques and dust.

Dust. That brings me to my task today.

I am using a leaf blower to gain a high-powered airstream to blow out the dust accumulated over 20 years of this building being used as a museum for antiques. There are a lot of cracks where the dust and debris collect. I’m using the leaf blower on each one. I honor the past; I try to learn as much from it as I can & make the modifications to lead a life healthier, with an open heart, and in better communication.

I am recreating this property to shine like a diamond as a sound healing retreat space, where Earth travelers weary with the world come for respite, renewal, soothing, and inner healing. This property has a peace about it that makes it feel as if time stands still. When my guests come here to retreat and to immerse themselves in sound healing, I want them to float weightlessly on the clouds of sound waves, not being anchored down by the weight of the past or of old limiting beliefs, nor to be overwhelmed by the fear of the future. So, I am blowing out this barn in preparation for those who come here to be lighter, more joyful, & more full of life. The cracks are where the dust hides and fills us up with the weight keeping us in old ways and in stuck feelings and beliefs. “The cracks are (also) where the light gets in”. The cracks are where the healing begins. The cracks are where the fresh air stream flows into a new space. This is my beginning of the sound healing room.

It’s incredibly gratifying to see the inches of dust blow out of each space actually. Maybe in the way that it’s gratifying to clean food out of and plaque off someone’s teeth if you’re a dental hygienist; or the way it’s gratifying to complete a project and press send; or the way it’s gratifying to watch some of those smooth-flowing videos on YouTube that make us feel like we have some element of control in the world when the axis is spinning a little too fast.

There is a surprising amount of debris packed in to these cracks. When I lift my head up from the current crack, I see the amount over in the corner that has collected over there. I find them filled with sawdust and dirt from the bottom of work boots, a wide variety of nails & screws, dead ladybugs, pens, pencils, and broken glass.