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6 Recordings to Soothe Life's Stresses

Sound Healing Vibration to Help Grief, Anxiety, Burnout, General Dis-ease, Unhappiness, & Insomnia

High Quality Audio Recording Paired with Relaxing Video of Nature Scenes and Performance

Sound is Medicine. Pre-2020, I led a weekly sound healing class for grief, depression, anxiety, and general dis-ease with life.  I get it. I've been there and have also struggled to accept life as it is. Sometimes it just takes time for the whole "change your thoughts, change your life" thing...and countless regulars have attested that when they tried everything to just get back to "normal" or shift the sadness or dis-ease, it was sound vibration that finally helped them feel better.  I know it has helped me that way in my own life. When I just want to go within, silence my monkey mind, and find ease....I retreat to sound for medicine. 

Here you find a package I've put together to do just that! Each recording features a sound remedy for a particular emotion, state, or feeling. It is paired with a meditation that you can continue on your own to expand results. Because emotions often are slippery and we feel such a range of them, the package allows you to receive and choose what you are feeling in that instant. Watch & listen over and over; they are yours to keep for eternity, either to download on your device or to access here on this site.  Either way, the medicine chest is here to support you with remedies along life's journey.  

I recommend to use headphones for highest quality sound, sit or lay down and be comfortable, silence all ringers and other intruding sounds, and let this sweet, soothing medicine free your mind, hug your heart, and relax your body.

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