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Album cover for sound healing recording of professional quality to help relax and restore peace to your life

Sound Healing for Relaxation

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Sound Healing for Relaxation---50:20 Minutes


A Dream Come True!


After many people have asked, I was finally able to take the instruments to a recording engineer / producer and record my sessions.


Here is one for relaxation, featuring gongs (Shawn Aceto's Flower of Life, Paiste planetary gongs (Sun, Venus, Pluto, Sedna, Nibiru, Saturn), a chau, a solar), Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls (for the endocrine system (A#, C#, D#, F#, G#), Himalayan bronze bowl, Ocean Drum, Kenari shells, Wind Whistle, Koshi chime Water, handmade keys chime, Biba Harmonium.

The flow of the recording so you know what to expect: gentle relaxing lead-in with himalayan singing bowl, kenari shells, wind whistle to blow away stress and call in relaxation, ocean drum to soothe nerves and relax; gong portion to honor what you are currently feeling and then lift and transcend with new perspectives into lightness and ease; crystal singing bowls to bring joy and ease; harmonium and vocal song; koshi chime and himalayan bowl to bring you back with a heart blessing.