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Blossom Within


Map to Your Inner Core

Weekend Retreat

Labor Day Weekend

September 1-4, 2023

Join us for a transformative weekend retreat, "Map to Your Inner Core" where we'll embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery.


Align your Inner Wolf with A Map to your inner most realms. Find out more about who you are and what makes you unique through deep listening,

sound healing, soul astrology, human design, creating your own mandala, nutritional health, and special ceremonies.

A powerhouse of facilitators unite to focus on you, helping you bring your power back to a deep center within you. We have:

Hayes Paden, Andrew Phillips, Janet Bicknell, David Heiss, and Dawn Sagonias, all with unique specialties that bring your Map into living color!

  • This weekend you will outline the map to your inner core with deeper innerstanding of what makes you

  • Relax into aspects of your life that have caused you frustration in the past by seeing a new way to

celebrate them instead.

  • Use new awareness of what your body is telling you to make decisions.

  • Feel grounded and rested and

aligned with your nervous system.

Dates to Choose From

Bring Your Power Back to Your Center

Image by Julentto Photography

Weekend Workshop

This vibrant weekend celebrates You and all your unique qualities. This time encourages deep listening to bring greater ease & connection with yourself and who you are with explorations in sound healing sessions, soul astrology, human design, creating your own mandala, nutritional health and special ceremonies and more.


Weekend Schedule (Subject to Change):


Warm Welcome -- Arrival Safe and Sound whenever you get here

Peaceful Night's Rest



Breakfast available 8:30am --

  • Chia pudding topped with fresh fruit, granola, nuts, & garnish of fresh mint

  • Fruit smoothie and shot of turmeric ginger and pineapple juice

9AM Opening Circle, Sharing

9:30-10:45AM Gentle Yoga / Stretching / Movement, Pranayama / Breathwork, and Meditation

10:45-11AM Break

11AM-12:30PM Sound Healing Session

1-2PM Lunch:

  • Veggie Wraps with balsamic glaze dressing

  • Tom Kha Veggie Soup with coconut milk base, spices, & veggies

  • Fresh Fruit

2-4PM Andrew Phillips teaches Sacred Geometry and we make our own mandalas

Free Time

5-6PM Dinner:

  • Lentil Shepard's Pie

  • Mixed green salad with all the toppings

  • Fresh Fruit and

  • Apple Salad

6PM Sound Healing Session with Intention Sharing & Integration

Peaceful Night's Rest



Breakfast available 8:30am --

  • Chia pudding topped with fresh fruit, granola, nuts, & garnish of fresh mint

  • Fruit smoothie and shot of turmeric ginger and pineapple juice


9-9:50AM Qigong

10-12PM Hayes Paden presents Human Design, and you have your individual charts explained

12-1PM Lunch:

  • Chick Pea Salad Wraps with greens

  • Kale Caesar Salad

  • Parsley Salad

  • Sweet Potato Bisque Soup

  • Fresh Fruit


1:30-3:30 Janet Bicknell presents Alchemy through Nutrition, Water, & Tinctures for the New World

3:30-5PM Free Time / Private Individual Evolutionary Astrology Readings with David Heiss

5-6PM Dinner:

  • Veggie Burritos with all the fixins

  • Corn Chips, Salsa, Black Beans

  • Potato Casserole

  • Fresh Fruit

(For the Sweet Tooth all weekend is Janet's divine Black Bean Brownies and White Cake with Strawberries and Lilikoi Glaze from Maui)


6-7:30 Sound Healing Session

Evening Fire Ceremony Venus Turns Direct--time to put in motion your new values and self understanding



8:30/9 Breakfast

  • Veggie Grit Casserole

  • Fruit smoothie and shot of turmeric ginger and pineapple juice

9AM Gentle Yoga, Meditation

10AM Sound Healing Session

11:30 Cacao Ceremony, Affirming Meditation, Lighting of Prayer Papers, Closing Circle, Sharing

12-12:30 Bye For Now


With this weekend retreat, you take your Map to Your Inner Core with you every step forward with greater confidence, ease, and awareness.  


Meals and Indoor Lodging for up to 9 included. Above that number, or if you prefer to camp or have a private space, we have several tents and sleeping gear we can set up for you by the creek, or you can bring your own tent as well.

For specific dietary needs, please let us know. There will be a communal kitchen, fridge, freezer, microwave, stove, and propane grill available if you need to supplement with your own food as well.

In This Weekend Workshop You'll

Learn and Enjoy...


Relax Deeply with Daily Sound Healing

Each day Dawn and David, owners of Inner Wolf Retreat Space, play for you transporting sounds of gongs, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, and other instruments to help the brain and body relax. Sound healing helps you gain clarity on grappling life issues, choose lovingkindness and a deepening innerstanding of yourself, and see life from new perspectives.

David Heiss and Dawn Sagonias are co-creators of the Inner Wolf Retreat Space and are both sound healing practitioners steeping in the soundscape since 2015. You get to enjoy several sound healing sessions during the retreat, which deepens your way of being You and resets your nervous system.

David offers mini soul astrology readings thoughout the weekend or full sessions if desired, to broaden innerstanding of your soul's journey--where you are coming from and where you are going.


Receive your Human Design Chart

Hayes Paden will be offering Human Design sessions during the weekend. These will include a personalized chart, education and coaching on how to live your design.

Hayes Paden is a psychotherapist who lives and works in Asheville. He has studied and brought Human Design concepts to his clients for 12 years.  He has also been a mindfulness meditator for 25 years.


Human Design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not—and we’re able to live out our real purpose in the world.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 22-03-14 Andrew Phillips Asheville NC — Andrew Phillips.png

Create your Sacred Geometry Mandala

Andrew Phillips will lead you in creating your own unique sacred geometry mandala. Sacred geometry is the building block for the world around us…every atom, every cell starts as a circle. 

Andrew lives and works in Asheville as a psychedelic guide and integration coach and a Reiki master.


Practice Qigong and Learn Nutritional Alchemy

Janet Bicknell is creating our wonderful food for the weekend! Believe us, you will want to know more and have the recipes for the food alchemy she prepares. She will also lead us in grounded nutritional health ideas and teach about food alchemy. She will also guide us in a morning Qigong session for enhancing your energy flow. 


Enjoy Nourishing Food!

The delicious preparation of high vibration ingredients turns plant-based ingredients into elixirs of connection, nourishment, and savoring.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremony has become a centerpiece of our closing ritual for self renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way. It makes for a beautiful send off with a filled heart to culminate the entire weekend of "filling your cup."

Tai Chi Class

Qigong Practice

Qigong is an ancient Shamanic Spiritual Path, which is truely wholeistic. These beautiful Energy Practices heal Energy / Mind / Body / Emotions.


You will enjoy learning to dance with the Qi (Life Force Energy). As you move with these graceful meditations, you will feel yourself start to tingle and glow. You will feel truly balanced, and in the flow of life. You will learn to feel the Qi.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Gentle Yoga / Stretching

Dawn Sagonias helps us start the day with gentle movement and rehabilitative yoga that is accessible to all.  May these helpful poses support you on a daily basis at home too!

Image by Darius Bashar

Supportive Accessible Meditation

Let your mind find stillness & connection with Source in morning meditation for those new and experienced with meditation.

Image by Timon Wanner

Center Yourself with Nature

Enjoy the peaceful land of Inner Wolf Retreat Space with the sounds of the creek rushing by, the flowing ponds, the frog calls, and the fireflies. Relax by the crackling fire as the group bonds deepen and we free ourselves with a fire ceremony.


Connect To The Beauty of Creation

Allow yourself to connect to the earth in this beautiful location and feel the balancing that comes with grounding yourself to the earth. 

Lodging and What to Expect

Our rooms are rustic and  comfortable and have a unique repurpose of the original workshop building on the property. For retreats, the rooms are shared with up to 3 people since we have 3 rooms currently. There is usually great synchronicity at our events and new friendships are formed. That said, if you prefer your own space, we do have several tents and gear that we can set up for you to enjoy space by the creek.

We are also working to get a septic system installed for the overnight rooms and we have learned we have a really high water table on this land, making the septic situation more costly and complicated.....until that solution is reached, we have a CLEAN AND SERVICED WEEKLY portaloo shared only by your new friends at the retreat.

We do have an awesome shared shower room indoors with very hot water if desired, and also a soon to be completed summer outdoor shower.

Each overnight room has its own small fridge, hot water kettle, microwave, fan, heater, and small keurig. We are at 3400 ft. elevation and the evenings even in the heat of summer are cool & make for very comfortable sleeping.

These are our precious rooms in pictures below, and our very precious and prized portaloo that allows us to be able to host you comfortably. :) (Note: we do also have overnight chamber pots that you are responsible for if you need a nighttime alternative to visiting the clean and serviced portaloo.)


Inner Wolf Retreat Space Location

Inner Wolf Retreat Space 

2854 Puncheon Fork Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754, USA

Located 35min north of Asheville, North Carolina in magical Madison County, or 40 min south of Johnson City, TN

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