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Blossom Within





Join Us To Experience A Centering, Enlivening, Enriching Weekend

To Cleanse your Energy Matrix, & to Learn Energy Healing Techniques to Use on Yourself & Loved Ones

Using Qigong, Past Life Recall, and Sound Healing

Energy Healing Weekend Retreats

Experience shifts away from the past and

into a state of deep peace in your body and mind with

no need for any special skill or meditation experience.

Dates to Choose From

Energy Healing Weekend Workshop

This workshop is for those who want to cleanse and enhance their energy matrix. 


Qigong is an ancient Shamanic Spiritual Path, which is truely wholeistic. These beautiful Energy Practices heal Energy / Mind / Body / Emotions.


You will enjoy learning to dance with the Qi (Life Force Energy). As you move with these graceful meditations, you will feel yourself start to tingle and glow. You will feel truly balanced, and in the flow of life. You will learn to feel the Qi.


It is about good vibrations. You will lay fully relaxed, as you are bathed with powerful Sound vibrations created by your Sound Artists, Dawn and David for Sound Healing.


Each morning you will awaken to a day of connection to Mother Earth and finish the day with communion around the fire, looking up at the stars and listening to the frog songs. Included in your ticket is a campsite on the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Inner Wolf Retreat Space, alongside a running, healthy creek and several flowing lakes. Options exist as well to purchase a campsite set up for you with gear from Inner Wolf or to stay in onsite rustic, comfortable glamping indoor lodging.


Janet, our holitistic guide will be preparing with her healing hands healthy, delightful, vegetarian meals made with love. 


Janet will also provide you will an opportunity to express your artistic, creative self. You will create a work of art, to take home and to remind you of your time at Inner Wolf Retreat Space.


Genie will guide you into deeply relaxed, peaceful hypnotic states of consciousness and you will emerge feeling balanced and renewed.


You will even be provided with the opportunity to remember an important Past Life. Genie's voice will take you into deeply pleasant states of consciousness to connect you with your Heart and Soul.


She will lead you in beautiful dances with Qi. She will teach you graceful ancient spiritual practices—moving meditations.


You will learn first to heal your own Energy, and then Genie will teach you techniques in which you share Qi (Energy) to heal others.

You are invited to join us in this Oasis of Peace and Love.


Full Weekend Price with Camping total $875 (July 14-16 intro price of $600; Labor Day weekend is longer with more practitioners and price is higher and lineup will be announced soon). 

You can pay $100 deposit and pay the remainder by cash or check upon arrival at the retreat. 

Please see other ticket options for indoor shared rooms.

The retreat needs a 5 person minimum and if by chance the minimum is not met, registrants will be notified at least one week prior to the event, with the option of changing to a different date or refund. 

If a registrant needs to cancel, the cancellation policy is 7 days prior to the event less the $100 deposit. 


Weekend Schedule (Subject to Change):


Friday Night


Weekend starts at 4:30pm--

Arrive, set up your campsite (Options to purchase a campsite set up with gear from Inner Wolf or to stay in onsite rustic, comfortable glamping indoor lodging exist as well)

Dinner at 6pm

Campfire stories with Genie


Saturday Morning

9am—Qigong with Genie


12pm—Sound Healing with Dawn and David

Short Break

2pm—Group Hypnosis—meditation with past life recall

4:30pm—Painting your Journey with Janet


Evening—Campfire Stories with Genie & friends



9am—Qigong with Genie


11:30–Qigong healing for others—energy work


See more information about Genie and her work at:

In This Weekend Workshop You'll

Learn and Enjoy...


Learn Qigong and experience past life recall with an experienced, inspired and dedicated teacher--Genie Hardee

For over 50 years, Genie has studied, practiced and been a teacher of the healing arts. Qigong forms are short, powerful sets of movements, which connect you to Earth and Universal Qi, moves Qi, and cultivates (builds  up….increases ) Qi.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Paint your Journey

Janet, our holistic guide, will walk us through a creative paint technique that captures and accentuates your weekend journey.


Relax Deeply with Sound Healing

Dawn and David, owners of Inner Wolf Retreat Space, play for you transporting sounds of gongs, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, and other instruments to help the brain and body relax and prepare for the past life recall meditation that follows.


Enjoy Nourishing Food!

You will want to pause, savor and enjoy the delicious and nourishing meals that Janet prepares with high vibration ingredients.

Image by Timon Wanner

Center Yourself with Nature

Camp on the peaceful land of Inner Wolf Retreat Space with the sounds of the creek rushing by, the flowing ponds, the frog calls, and the fireflies. Relax by the crackling fire as the group bonds deepen and spiritual teachings are transmitted.

Image by Darius Bashar

Learn Energy Healing Techniques

Genie teaches us energy healing techniques that you can use on yourself and loved ones to help alleviate pain, stress, and to elevate your outlook.


Connect To The Beauty of Creation

Allow yourself to connect to the earth in this beautiful location and feel the balancing that comes with grounding yourself to the earth. 

Inner Wolf Retreat Space Location

Inner Wolf Retreat Space 

2854 Puncheon Fork Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754, USA

Located 35min north of Asheville, North Carolina in magical Madison County.

Weekend ticket includes camping; contact us if you would prefer to add on a comfortable yet rustic room (shared or private), or if you would like to rent a tent and gear for the weekend!

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